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Igneous Gear


Introducing The SHEldsTM...​ ​

The first TOOL you put on and the last TOOL you put away.

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Igneous Gear is proud to introduce The SHEld Active Sports Bra. The patent pending design is the only cup/band sized bra with adjustable shoulder straps that exceeds common safety standards with maximum support and comfort. The NEXT LEVEL protection in the base layer SHElds goes far beyond the industry's No Melt, No Drip requirements, which typically only require that protective fabrics not contribute to burns as opposed to protecting the wearer from being burned. With the use of CarbonX as the primary source of material Igneous Gear is taking base layer PROTECTION to base layer PREVENTION!

Designed for Women, By Women

What our customers are saying...

As a welder I am constantly working in hot, sweaty, sometimes dirty enviroments. Which menat, sweat soaked bras, covered in burn marks that dug into my sides.  Wearing the SHEld bra has made a huge difference in my level of comfort and protection. This. Is. Genius!

Olivia McCleery, Female Welding Instructor

Last year I got a 3rd degree burn on top of my foot from a bright orange blob of steel the size of a nickel. It burned through my welding pant, protective boot, and cotton sock. Nothing gets through these bad boys. They take the heat all day, stay dry and even allow me to follow my doctor's order to wear compression stockings under them. Thank you for such an awesome product!

Marc Dalo, Welder

East Manufacturing